Disney Adulting at PAX West 2017


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Disney Features from PAX West 2017

September 1-4, 2017 – Disney Adulting visited the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle, WA to attend PAX West to enjoy all there is to the world of gaming. While we were there, we spotted some amazing new things from Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars. Here are our top Disney highlights from this year’s PAX West.

1. Nightmare Before Christmas Munchkin Edition


Image (c) Disney Adulting

What is this!? Yes, TNBC* (The Nightmare Before Christmas) fans, the ghoulish new twist on a popular card game favorite has been created, and you can now purchase Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Munchkin. Featuring cards with the Mayor’s Badge, Vampire Teddy, Santa’ Sleigh and a Bat Hat. Immerse yourself into Halloween Town, Thanksgiving Town, Christmas Town and more as you work to banish Oogie Boogie and Doctor Finkelstien from Halloween Town and save Christmas. You can play the game on its own, or combine it with other favorite Munchkin sets. Purchase your copy here for $24.99.

* Learn more Disney Acronyms and Abbreviations used at Disneyland or Walt Disney World.

2. Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite


Image (c) Disney Adulting

Bringing together two of the most revered comic book universes, Marvel vs. Capcom brings your favorite characters to life in a battle royale that’s both full of action and energy. Disney Adulting had the opportunity to play a sample of the game, which is currently still in development, and noted that there would be a variety of features for both the single player and multiplayer preference to enjoy throughout this game. The game itself is visually stunning and stocked full of immersive cinematics that will put players into the center of each universe as they battle out through Story Mode. Characters available will feature Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Mega Man X and Ryu.



Preorder your copy here for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC on September 19, 2017.

3. RUSH: A Disney Pixar Adventure (Remastered & Rereleased for Xbox One)


Image (c) Disney Adulting

On August 2017 at Gamescom, Microsoft announced that they would be remastering and releasing Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure, minus the Kinect name, for Windows 10 and Xbox One on October 31, 2017. At PAX West, Disney Adulting took to the controls of this new version and explored the new 4K resolution, HDR visuals as well as the new world from Finding Dory. The new version of this game will be available on October 31st and is expected to be priced at $29.99.

4. Disneyland Adventures (Remastered & Rereleased for Xbox One)


Image (c) Disney Adulting

Disney Parks fans — you all should have this game in your collection. Explore Disneyland like never before as you hug Snow White, feed Stitch, ride the rides and engage in challenges throughout the park in new 4K resolution and HDR visuals. The new version of this game will be available on October 31st and is expected to be priced at $29.99.

5. Disney Nendoroids from Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company was at PAX West this year with their ever-popular collection of Nendoroid, and they are coming out with a Disney-Pixar collection to match the previously released Star Wars and Marvel designs. Characters revealed thus far are Jack Sparrow, Winnie-the-Pooh, Jack Skellington, Ariel, Belle, Tinkerbell Sulley & Boo, Mike & Boo, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Elsa, Anna, Tinkerbell, Woody, and Buzz.

Available now are Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Elsa, Anna, and Belle. Preorders available for Rapunzel.


6. Kingdom Hearts 3: Exclusive Merchandise from Square Enix


Image (c) Disney Adulting

Disney and Square Enix have released new merchandise are they gear up for their 2018 release of Kingdom Hearts III. Fans are equally jazzed about the merchandise as they are about the newest worlds coming to the game – Big Hero 6, Tangled and Toy Story. Previously, Disney and Square Enix had released new screenshots from the game that showcase beautiful new worlds and graphics.

Available at PAX West 2017 were two new collectors figurines for Sora and Aqua. Both are available for preorder on the Square Enix Online Store with Aqua at $129.99 and Sora at $149.99.

Kingdom Hearts III is currently available for preorder on Playstation4 and XBox One via Amazon for $59.99 with a December 31, 2018 release date.


Special Shout Out

Thanks and love to our gracious hosts Darwin & Susan, the entire crew and exhibitors of PAX West 2017 and Seattle, Washington for another excellent adventure!



Image (c) Disney Adulting



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  1. Amy, Salt and Skillet on September 7, 2017 at 8:48 pm

    I got original Munchkin for Christmas last year and LOVE IT!!! It’s so much fun and so cute, just takes a little bit of learning and patience to get the idea. I would totally buy that Nightmare Before Christmas version! Any way to get Disney into every aspect of my life 😛 and just in time for Halloween! Cute!

    • Anati Zubia on September 8, 2017 at 1:17 pm

      Munchkin is such a fun game! If you like that one be sure to try Smash Up as well. They don’t have a Disney edition (boo) but the ability to play as a princess or a pirate is pretty Disney-esque.

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