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Disney News

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1 – New ‘Star Wars’ Attractions Set to Open at Disney Theme Parks in 2019

May 25, 2018 • Disney continues to take full advantage of its 2012 purchase of Lucasfilm and the “Star Wars” franchise. Two new “Star Wars”-themed areas, one at Disneyland and the other at Walt Disney World Resort, will open next year, Disney announced May 22. “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” will first open in Anaheim, California, during the summer of 2019 and then at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida, in late fall 2019. Read More


2 – ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Earns $11.4 Million at International Box Office

May 25, 2018 • Disney’s “Solo: A Star Wars Story” has launched in first place in multiple international territories with a two-day tally of $11.4 million from 43 markets. The film debuts in Mexico, China, Spain, India, Poland, South Africa, Turkey, and Vietnam on Friday, along with its domestic launch. The only major market not opening this weekend is Japan, where it will debut on June 29. Read More


Disney News

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3 – Baymax Out With Disney’s First Trailer for Big Hero 6: The Series

May 25, 2018 • Everyone’s favorite inflatable robot and the whole Big Hero 6 gang are back! Disney has unveiled the first full-length trailer for next month’s Big Hero 6: The Series, and it seems as though the usual high-tech hijinks are still in play. Read More


4 – Pooh Comes to Life in New Trailer for Disney’s Christopher Robin

May 25, 2018 • A.A. Milne’s honey-loving bear is coming back to the big screen in a way we’ve yet to see before. Christopher Robin presents a story in which the titular Christopher has grown up and lost the connection to his imagination, whimsy and forest-dwelling friends. Christopher Robin (Ewan McGregor) is a business-driven man who must stay and work during the vacation to the countryside that he had planned for his family. Pooh finds an older Christopher Robin and introduces him back into the world of whimsy that he inhabited as a child. Yet, Pooh has lost his friends and it is up to Pooh and Christopher to find Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet and Rabbit. They do so and eventually end up in London, where comedy and heartfelt moments will surely ensue. Read More


5 – Walt Disney World Takes Lost and Found Online

May 23, 2018 • Walt Disney World’s lost and found system is going high-tech. The theme park is teaming up with Chargerback, an online system that lets guests report a missing item. Guests fill out what they lost, when and where they lost it, and their contact information. Disney says its employees will then start looking for the lost item. Read More


Disney News

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