How to Eat Healthy in Disneyland

Eat Healthy in Disneyland

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How to Eat Healthy in Disneyland

Let’s face it, theme park food is about the salty, sugary, deep-fried, coated in calorie deliciousness. While even the strongest health conscientious person will be tempted, there are some easy tips and tricks to eating healthy in Disneyland that will keep you (and your waistline) on the straight and narrow.

Eat a Smart Breakfast.

We already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and while we all would much rather indulge in a maple-syrup, whipped cream, sprinkle-topped Mickey waffle, setting the tone for the day with a nutrition-rich breakfast is the absolute key to eating healthy at Disneyland. While I recommend bringing your own breakfast options and eating before you visit the park (which helps you avoid temptation) there are a few healthy (and delicious) options once you arrive at the park.

Disney Adulting Recommendation:

Carnation Café: Spinach and Tomato Egg White Frittata ($11.00)
with Mushrooms, Sour Cream, and Avocado-Black Bean Pico de Gallo served with Café Breakfast Potatoes and Fruit


Eat Healthy in Disneyland

Instagram: DamagedSiren | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

Drink Plenty of Water

I can’t stress this tip enough – Disneyland is in California and unless you are used to being outside in a particularly sunny, hot climate (not to mention all the walking around you’ll be doing) this is the perfect situation to find yourself suffering from dehydration. When you are thirsty, it’s very easy for your body to mistake that craving for hunger and you’ll find yourself falling victim to another churro or ice cream cone when all you really need was a nice, refreshing drink of water. Pack a super-cute, reusable water bottle and refill as needed.

Disney Adulting Recommendation:

Shop Disney carries the MXYZ Collection (in some fun designs) and is a metallic design that will keep liquid hot for 12 hours and cold for 24.


Eat Healthy in Disneyland | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

Consume Lean Proteins

Ever wonder why your tummy rages in hunger shortly after that morning blueberry muffin but is nice and quiet when you opted for the omelet instead? You guessed it, lean protein is the secret. Consuming lean protein will not only keep you feeling satisfied the longest, but it also has the highest thermal effect of food (TEF), meaning it burns the most calories to digest.

Disney Adulting Recommendation:

Bengal Barbecue: Beef or Chicken Skewer ($4.49 to $4.99)
offered in Hot and Spicy Beef, Sweet Zulu Beef or Polynesian Chicken


Eat Healthy in Disneyland

Disneyland Resort | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

Select a Salad

There are salads on the menus of almost all Disneyland restaurants, but the key to selecting a healthy option is really about controlling the dairy, nuts and dressing. If you can’t omit some of these, ask for them on the side. Also ask about healthier dressing options such a ginger vinaigrette instead of ranch or blue cheese.

Disney Adulting Recommendation:

Carnation Café: Romaine Salad with Shrimp ($16.00)
Succulent Shrimp, Romaine, Avocado, Tomatoes, Hickory-smoked Bacon, and Blue Cheese with creamy Ranch


Eat Healthy in Disneyland

Instagram: Joonggook | (Edits by Disney Adulting)


Mickey-Check Your Options

Okay, okay – I know that Mickey Check is designed for kids, but seriously who can resist healthier options that are under 600 calories a meal? I know I can’t. Before you go to the parks study up on your Mickey Check options and determine some of your favorites in each park location or match them up to your dining reservations. That way you won’t be tempted by some of the unhealthy options that will (and they will) tempt you during your Disneyland adventure.

Disney Adulting Recommendation:

Blue Bayou Restaurant: Sustainable Fish ($10.00)
Pan-seared and served with Pasta topped with Marinara, Seasonal Vegetables, and fresh Fruit. Choice of Small Lowfat Milk or Small Dasani® Water


Eat Healthy in Disneyland

Disneyland Resort | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

Make Smart Snack Choices

There is a multitude of vendors across Disneyland that carry healthy snack options such as coconut water, fresh fruit or veggies, or pickles. Instead of giving into chips, churros and ice cream (as amazing as they look) making a smart snack selection will leave you feeling much better after 200 spins on the teacups. (Trust me on this one.)

Disney Adulting Recommendation:

Tropical Imports: Fresh Fruit or Veggies (Under $14.00)
Fuel your safari with healthy provisions at this snack stands in Adventureland. Find fruit in all its forms: whole, cut, fresh and dried. Try tropical pineapple or mango! Pickle spears, trail mix, veggie snacks and bottled drinks are also sold.


Eat Healthy in Disneyland

Happiest Blog on Earth | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

Splurge on Disney’s Dairy-Free, Vegan Delight

Yes, you heard me right – SPLURGE on this one! The Dole Whip is one of the most treasured treats among Disney fans, and for good reason! This milk-free frozen worshipfulness of succulent sweetness is a pineapple “nice” cream soft-serve on top of Dole pineapple juice. It’s the best non-guilty sweet treat you’ll find in the entire park.

Disney Adulting Recommendation:

Tiki Juice Bar: Dole Whip (Under $14.00)
Pine no more for pineapple—savor a taste of sunshine with the legendary frozen treat known as DOLE WHIP®. This counter outside the Enchanted Tiki Room also serves pineapple spears, juice, DOLE WHIP® floats and fruit bowls.


Eat Healthy in Disneyland

Instagram: Wearajackiet | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

Don’t Forget to Enjoy Yourself

Don’t forget that walking around Disneyland is an incredible workout and it’s okay to indulge in that one theme park item that you normally won’t touch in your healthy diet. Just keep in mind that it’s all about balance – eat healthily and reward your efforts.



What are your best healthy eating tips for Disneyland?

Leave a comment below and let us know.


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