What to Wear at Disneyland: Fall Edition


What to Wear at Disneyland: Fall Edition

Fall is a perfect time for planning a visit to Disneyland as California maintain mild weather conditions that are perfect for outside activities. This article will help you get your Disney fashion game on point before you visit the parks.

Pro-Tip: Be sure to check the 10-day forecast before your trip as this guide is based on the typical Anaheim weather for each month and does not guarantee perfect weather as there are anomalies where a cold snap or rainstorm can occur.

Average Disneyland Fall Weather by Month


September may be the beginning of fall, but the temperatures stay pretty high in Anaheim. Daytime temperatures stay in the upper 80’s. Lows are in the lower 60’s.

  • Record High: 108 (2004)
  • Record Low:  51 (1991)


October is when you normally begin to see a drop in the daytime temperatures. Typical October weather is right around 80 degrees in the daytime with nighttime temperatures dropping to the mid 50’s. Once again time for jackets at night.

  • Record High: 107 (1991)
  • Record Low:  45 (2002)


November is when you start getting a glimpse of winter in southern California.  Daytime temperatures take a big drop to lower 70’s while nighttime temperatures hover very close to the 50-degree mark. November is also the time when a possibility of rain once again occurs.  The average rainfall in November is less than one inch, but higher than those other “non” rainfall months.

  • Record High: 99 (1997)
  • Record Low:  33 (1994)

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What was YOUR favorite style to wear at Disney this fall?

Leave a comment below and let us know.


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