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Disney Adulting Ride Guide: Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain is a high-thrill water attraction in Disneyland (CA), Magic Kingdom (FL) and Tokyo Disneyland. The original attraction opened at Disneyland on July 17, 1989. The attraction, while slightly different in each location, retains the same storyline by placing riders into a log plume and through an adventure inspired by the Disney film “Song…

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15 Disney Things We’re Looking Forward to in 2019

We made it – 2019! There’s a lot to be excited about this year for Disney fans with an amazing year planned launching some exciting new attractions at Disney Parks, a full boat of new Disney films coming to theatres including some long-awaited sequels, new entertainment venues, and celebrations new and extended. There’s far too…

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The Walt Disney Connection to Portland Oregon

Whenever you think of Walt Disney, one usually thinks of one of the parks in California or Florida, or maybe even his hometown of Marceline, Missouri, but many don’t know that Disney had (and still has family) ties to the Pacific Northwest. Growing up in Oregon, I was especially interested in the Disney connection to…

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Ask Disney Adulting: Who Or What Is Goofy?


A beloved member of Disney’s fab-five, Goofy has proved one of Disney’s most enduring and popular characters. After 85 years, though, fans continue to wonder: What is he exactly? A dog? A cow? A wolf? Originally appearing in 1932 Mickey’s Revue, Goofy is cited as a “tall, anthropomorphic dog” (yes, we said a “dog,” but…

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Disney Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Disney Thanksgiving

While many American families are gathering around the table at home with family and a turkey, there’s a place that does the holidays like no other – Disney! Now before you get too excited about booking your holiday excursion, it’s important to note that the holidays (including Thanksgiving) are some of the busiest times at…

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What Happens if a Disney Ride Breaks Down During the Day?

ride breaks down

Have you been on a Disney attraction only to have it breakdown mid-experience? It’s a major bummer and takes away from the magic, but you are not alone, and there are some important things to note when something like this happens. While Disney’s attraction uptime is one of the highest in the industry, there are…

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Adult Walt Disney World Itinerary (How We Do Disney)

Adult Walt Disney World Itinerary

We’ve been asked many times, as a Disney expert on all things “adulting,” what a trip to Walt Disney World looks like from our perspective. Well, you’re in luck, because we are about to embark on another adventure and will share with you what exactly goes into planning one of our trips (get our free…

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