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Disney News

1 – Disneyland Resort’s Newest Hotel Put On Indefinite Hold

August 17, 2018 • The hotel, which was announced last October and was scheduled to open in 2021, has been put on indefinite hold after “Disney and the city could not agree over the terms of development.” The hotel was going to transform the west side of the Downtown Disney District, leading to the closing of businesses like ESPN Zone, AMC 12 Theatres, Rainforest Cafe and more. These businesses were closed on June 30, 2018, in order to prepare for construction – which was supposed to begin in July 2018. Read More


Disney News

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2 – Teens Can Get a Free Trip to Disney World — and Get a Career Jumpstart While They’re There

August 18, 2018 • Disney Dreamers Academy, in partnership with Steve Harvey and ESSENCE Magazine, will select hardworking, creative, and passionate high school students to take part in its annual mentoring program from March 21 to March 24, 2019. Over the four days, Disney World will transform into a temporary classroom, and Dreamers between the ages of 13 and 19 will given the tools to pursue their dreams, however big or small. Read More


Disney News

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3 – Disney Just Dropped a Trailer for its New Star Wars Resistance Show

August 17, 2018 • Another month, another new Star Wars TV show. On Friday morning, Disney released a trailer for Star Wars Resistance, a new animated series that debuts on the Disney Channel on October 7. Set between the events of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, the show will follow the adventures of Kazuda Xiono (voiced by Christopher Sean), a young pilot in the resistance tasked with gathering intelligence on the First Order. Read More


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4 – Despite Backlash, Disney Confirms It Won’t Rehire James Gunn

August 16, 2018 • It’s been about a month since Disney fired former Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn after several alt-right figures resurfaced some of his old, offensive shock-humor tweets about pedophilia. During that time, fans, colleagues, and the Guardians cast have vocally tried to get Gunn reinstated. In spite of the campaign to paint Gunn as an actual pedophile, many people believed the implicating jokes, some a full decade old, no longer reflect Gunn as a person — and the director had already apologized for them years ago to boot. Supporters on social media clearly hoped Disney might change its mind under pressure and petitioning. Today, it seems that dream is dead. Read More


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5 – Thomas Mann Joins Disney’s Live-Action ‘Lady and the Tramp’

August 17, 2018 • Thomas Mann is set to join Disney’s live-action adaptation of “Lady and the Tramp” in the role of Lady’s human owner, Jim Dear. Tessa Thompson is on board to play Lady and Justin Theroux will voice the Tramp. Kiersey Clemons is also set to play Mann’s wife, Darling. The majority of the cast will play CGI characters, similar to Disney’s wildly successful adaptations of “Beauty and the Beast” and “Jungle Book,” though Mann and Clemons’ characters will be live-action roles. “Lady and the Tramp” tells the story of an American Cocker Spaniel named Lady who lives with an upper-middle-class family, but is set astray when the family has a baby. Lady ends up meeting a mongrel known as the Tramp on the streets. They embark on a romantic journey and eventually fall in love. Read More


Disney News

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