Disney Pet Costumes That Are Too Adorable for Words

disney pet costumes


One of the biggest reasons I started writing about being a Disney “Adult” is the fact that I personally do not have any children and still get asked what my obsession is with Disney.

Truth be told, I have “fur-children” and I’m pretty much a crazy cat “Mom.” And they aren’t safe from my Disney-loving antics! Here’s Tony regretfully modeling two costumes I picked up merely as a joke to match as sidekicks to my husband and I’s cosplays as Chirrut from “Rogue One” and The Winter Soldier from the Marvel’s “Civil War.” I’m sure you can only see his excitement…


disney pet costumes

disney pet costumes


Here’s where I got both pet costumes: Jedi Knight and Captain America

If you are anything like me, you love your pets and have fun decking them out in Disney. I even work in a pet-friendly office, so seeing the occasional pup dressed to impress isn’t anything new. Feeling inspired, I scoured the internet for Disney pet costumes that are too adorable for words. Here are our top selections for your furry friend:

Mickey Mouse Costume Harness & Ears

disney pet costumes


Mickey Mouse Costume Harness: They will look fur-ever cute in this Mickey Mouse Costume Harness for Dogs. Inspired by Mickey’s iconic shorts, its sturdy and stretchy construction features soft breathable mesh and fully adjustable nylon straps to ensure a snug fit.

Mickey Mouse Ear Headband: Your fluffy friend will look cuter than ever when wearing this Mickey Mouse Ear Headband. Featuring soft plush ears and adjustable elastic chin strap, they will love going for walks dressed as their favorite mouse.

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Minnie Mouse Costume Harness & Ears

disney pet costumes


Minnie Mouse Costume Harness: Your dog is ready for the catwalk dressed as Minnie Mouse in this fashionable costume harness. The fully adjustable sturdy and stretchy design, which includes short pleated skirt, features Minnie’s signature polka dots.

Minnie Mouse Ear Headband: Give your precious pooch a Minnie makeover with this ear headband. Featuring soft plush ears, Minnie’s signature polka dot bow, and adjustable elastic chin strap, they will love going for walks dressed as their favorite mouse.

Eeyore Dress Up Pet Costume

disney pet costumes


Eeyore Dress Up Pet Costume: Super soft and fuzzy, this costume makes everyone’s favorite pet wondering if the new tail on this costume is better than their original one.

Star Wars AT-AT Dog Costume

disney pet costumes


Star Wars At-At Dog Costume: Dress your dog as one of the Empire’s massive AT-AT and take the prize for best dressed in the neighborhood.


Queen of Hearts Cat Cosplay

disney pet costumes


The Queen of Hearts from “Alice in Wonderland” Cat Cosplay: Your cat’s face might scream, “off with their heads” but everyone will bow down to how adorable your feline diva will look in this amazing cat cosplay.

Star Wars Ewok Dog Costume

disney pet costumes


Star Wars Ewok Dog Costume: Dress your dog as an Ewok from Star Wars and find it’s the perfect choice for celebrating Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you!)

Kida from “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” Cat Cosplay

disney pet costumes


Kida from “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” Cat Cosplay: There’s no mystery to find in this amazing costume. Turn your cat into Princess Kida have them take their place as one of the protectors of Atlantis.

Spider-Cat Cosplay

disney pet costumes


Spider-Cat Cosplay: “Spider-Cat, Spider-Cat. Does whatever a…and he looks amazing doing whatever a Spider-Cat does in this amazing hand-made cosplay for cats.

Snow White Dog Dress

disney pet costumes


Snow White Dog Dress: Your pup will be the fairest of them all with this detailed dress from Disney’s Snow White. No detail was missed with this scalloped hem dress with bow details, puffed shoulders and attached red lace petticoat. Even the bow headband is included.

Rocket Raccoon Cat Cosplay

disney pet costumes


Rocket Raccoon Cat Cosplay:But what if I want it more than them?” You’ll have your feline friend looking more and more like the famous “trash panda” from “Guardians of the Galaxy” with this amazing custom cosplay for cats. Complete with Groot sidekick.




Have you ever dressed up your pet in Disney threads?

Leave a comment below and let us know.


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