Everything New Coming to Disney+ (Disney’s New Streaming Service)

Disney Streaming Service

We’ve all heard about it by now, Disney is launching their streaming service in 2019, going head-to-head with Netflix and Hulu. Moreover, with the massive amount of content Disney owns (and with the Fox acquisition) there’s A LOT to be excited about as we wait for a launch date to be announced.

To be named “Disney Plus” Disney+, fans can now get email updates by subscribing directly to updates from Disney+.

UPDATED: November 9, 2018

Here’s Everything We Know Coming to Disney’s Streaming Service…

Disney Back Catalog

Disney Streaming Service

One of the biggest draws to this new streaming service is the incredible amount of classic Disney that will be included. Disney fans will be able to watch their favorite films when they want, where they want. It’s like someone wished upon a star!

Pixar Back Catalog

Disney Streaming Service

The same goes for Pixar, with the amount of content that’s available. Anyone else here ready for a Pixar weekend binge? I know I am.

21st Century Fox Back Catalog (Including National Geographic)

Disney Streaming Service

While there were countless reasons behind the Disney-Fox acquisition, one can only assume that the value of having the bulk of 21st Century Fox’s content to feed a new streaming channel is a brilliant move. I mean, think about it, there are over 600 Simpson’s episodes alone.

Disney Imagineering Docuseries

Disney Plus

Bob Iger announced, with the name of Disney+, the addition of a great docuseries on Walt Disney Imagineering and added that the series would include images and stories they had never shared before.

Marvel Movies

Disney Streaming Service

The current arrangement between Netflix and Marvel is coming to an end, and that means that we’ll start seeing Marvel movies coming to Disney’s new streaming network. The first announced with be Captain Marvel, set to release in 2019. However, one thing that fans can bank on is that R-rated content will not be included.

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Untitled Marvel TV Series

Disney Streaming Service

A new live-action series is being planned for the new service, but it’s unknown to the character focus and details at this time.

Untitled Marvel TV Series Featuring Falcon & Winter Solider

Disney News

One of several potential series from the MCU, Empire writer/executive producer Malcolm Spellman hired to pen a potential limited series that would team two of Marvel’s costumed characters: Winter Soldier and The Falcon.

Star Wars Movies

Disney Streaming Service

This one is a given but has its limitations with the existing licensing agreements with Netflix and Starz. That means that there will be Star Wars movies, but none before 2019. Turner has the right to 1-6 held until 2024 unless Disney is successful in buying back those rights.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7

Disney Streaming Service

Clone Wars is making a comeback on Disney’s new streaming service with a 12-episode 7th season of new content and storylines.

Untitled Live-Action “Pre-Rogue One” Star Wars Series

Disney Streaming Service

The very-first live-action Star Wars TV series will debut on Disney’s new streaming service. It has remained unnamed, but we do know that it will be a prequel series for Cassian Andor from “Rogue One.” Currently being produced with a 100 million dollar budget for 10-episodes, it’s shaping up to be a severe undertaking by Disney and one that many fans look forward to.

Untitled Animated Series Based on Monsters Inc.

Disney Plus

Disney announced a currently untitled animated series based on the lovable characters from Monsters Inc.

Untitled Exclusive Christmas Movie Starring Anna Kendrick

Disney Plus

Other than this being a Disney+ streaming exclusive and lead casting of Anna Kendrick, not much more is available on this film yet.

Untitled Movie on 1925 Nome Serum Run Starring Willem DaFoe

Disney Plus

Other than the theme and lead casting of Willem DaFoe, not much more is available on this film yet.

Don Quixote

Disney Streaming Service

The Hunger Games writer Billy Ray sold a Don Quixote adaptation to Disney in 2016, one that’s reportedly similar in tone to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Flora & Ulyssess

Disney Streaming Service

Disney is adapting this popular children’s book into a direct-to-streaming film. Flora & Ulysses follows the misadventures of a grumpy youngster and a super-powered squirrel.

High Fidelity

Disney Streaming Service

Adapted from the favorite novel and later film, “Like About A Boy,” Disney will be turning this into a TV series but reportedly with a female lead this time.

Father of the Bride

Disney Streaming Service

A hit in 1950, and again with Steve Martin in 1991, can Disney’s new remake give us the same sense of laughter and warmth? We’ll see, as it’s going on Disney’s streaming service when it’s released.

High School Musical

Disney Streaming Service

A new twist from High School Musical is planned and will consist of 10 episodes. The Hollywood Reporter has a detailed cast breakdown if you’re looking to know more about the new characters and plot.

When Will The New Service Become Available?

While we don’t have a confirmed go-live date, Disney is calling for arrival at “the end of 2019” and have already begun pulling Disney content from other streaming platforms.




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