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Compensated Recommendations Policy

Disney Adulting does not receive compensation, monetary or otherwise, for recommendations or reviews that are featured on this website or associated content channels.

When it comes to making recommendations, the following guidelines are observed:

  • There is no weight to compensation in regards to our recommendations. If we don’t like it enough to recommend it, we won’t recommend it.
  • We always make a good-faith effort to find the highest quality products and best deals we can for our readers.
  • If we feel the quality, price or reliability of a recommended company’s product or service is no longer acceptable, we will not hesitate to remove that company from Disney Adulting.

Disney Travels & Experience

We typically visit Disney resorts, theme parks and/or cruise ships several times a year. The expenses required for these trips (airfare, hotel, admission tickets, souvenirs, meals, etc.) are procured on our dime.