Fans of France’s Sophisticated Cuisine Seeking an Immersive High-End French Experience, Monsieur Paul is Certain to Delight

Monsieur Paul

Many of us visiting Epcot enjoy the stroll around the famous World Showcase and one of the main attractions has always been the food and drink. As a Disney foodie who has dined at a majority of the Epcot venues, as well as the majority of the higher end Disney restaurants (including Victoria & Alberts in Walt Disney World and Club 33 in Disneyland) I was more than what you could call excited to travel up the fabled staircase above Chefs de France and check out Epcot’s Monsieur Paul.

For my culinary journey through France, I embarked on the Prix Fixe Menu Dégustation, which is the 7-course dinner featuring Ahi Tuna Crudo, Escargot, Seared Scallops, Verbena & Mint Sorbet, Honey-Glazed Duck Marget, Imported Cheeses, and a choice of dessert in which I selected the Milk Chocolate Sphere. The entire experience was immersive and truly exports you right out of the bustle of Epcot and into the genius of Paul Bocuse and his expertise within French gastronomy. I would rate the atmosphere, cuisine, and immersion high making Monsieur Paul one of the top dining picks for adults and upscale experience within Epcot.

What You Need to Know About Monsieur Paul

Monsieur Paul

While my review is glowing, there are a few things that Disney travelers need to know before they casually stroll up to the French façade behind Chefs de France and ask to dine at Monsieur Paul.

Here are the “must-know” from a Disney pro:

Don’t Skip the ADR (Advanced Dining Reservation): While most don’t expect a higher end restaurant like Monsieur Paul to fully book due to expense and time commitment, it is exceptionally rare (if ever) that you can just walk up and dine. To avoid major disappointment, get an ADR.

Grown-Up Friendly: I’m not going to say that Monsieur Paul isn’t a place for children (because every family is different) but it’s not a place to order Mickey-shaped chicken nuggets or a grilled cheese. In fact, there are limited items on the children’s menu for dinner, so if you have a finicky eater or a youngster who isn’t going to be capable of sitting quietly through the adults at the table enjoying many courses over several hours – best stick to another more kid-friendly venue.

Fine Dining Experience: I’ve read countless reviews from other Disney travelers complaining about Monsieur Paul’s serving sizes as compared to the price. These reviews are misguided at best, as this is a fine dining culinary experience where each course is designed for the palette and plated to perfection. If you are expecting heaping plates of food, there are several Disney buffets that can accommodate you. However, as someone who lives for fine dining, the portions were more than generous, the flavors rich, and I even shared most of the items in the 7 courses with the rest of my party. No one at my table left hungry.

Investment (Time): There are Disney dining venues termed “quick service” for a reason, and Monsieur Paul isn’t one of them. This is an investment of your time away from the park in return for an immersive French experience and cuisine. If you aren’t comfortable committing a couple hours, then seek out one of the quick service options at Epcot.

Investment (Money): Disney’s website highlights the restaurant as $$$ ($35-$59.99 per adult) but Prix Fixe Menu Dégustation is as high as $89 per adult. If you add alcoholic beverages or wine pairing it really adds up fast. If you have the deluxe dining plan (2 credits), DVC/AP discounts or Tables in Wonderland then I recommend taking advantage of them.

Monsieur Paul

Monsieur Paul

Dining Review: Prix Fixe Menu Dégustation at Monsieur Paul

This selection is the top offering at Monsieur Paul and boasts a 7-course dinner featuring Ahi Tuna Crudo, Escargot, Seared Scallops, Verbena & Mint Sorbet, Honey-Glazed Duck Marget, Imported Cheeses, and a choice of dessert. Each of them boast flavors famous from different parts of the French landscape an will take you through a journey. Be certain to pay attention as your server shares the history behind each of the dishes, where the ingredients are exported from into Disney, and how the dish is appreciated in France. There’s a lot of history to be taken in during a meal at this venue.

Ahi Tuna Crudo

Monsieur Paul

Thinly sliced, fresh Ahi Tuna accompanied by grated citrus and a creamy horseradish sauce.


Monsieur Paul

Garlic butter escargot served in a gougère (pastry puff) with parsley cream, mushrooms, and pickled vegetables.

Seared Scallops

Monsieur Paul

Perfectly seared scallops in a bath of mushroom veloute and parsnip sauce.

Honey-Glazed Duck Marget

Monsieur Paul

Tender to the bite honey-glazed duck served with an orange marmalade honey glaze, daikon radishes, and crispy potatoes.

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Imported Cheeses

Monsieur Paul

Collection of imported cheeses from regions across France (some which are extremely hard to get in the US anywhere else) accompanied with fruit compot, nuts and bread.

Milk Chocolate Sphere

Monsieur Paul

Chocolate almond cake, praline and chocolate cream, light hazelnut biscuit with chocolate ice cream, warm chocolate, and Cognac sauce.



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