Rare Disney Merchandise (Collectors Edition)


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DISCLAIMER: Disney Adulting is NOT an official Disney merchandise appraiser or dealer. We do not provide services to determine how much your collectibles are worth, nor do we help you find buyers. We recommend seeking out one of the following services listed on this page as a credible resource. Sorry, but emails sent to us requesting merchandise appraisal will be ignored.

Disney collectors and merchandise fiends alike, we all lust over some of the rarest collectibles and dream about one day being able to afford a piece of Disney history. This article showcases some of the rarest and more expensive “merchandise” you could purchase today – as it relates to Disney collectibles. So, whether it’s shelling out $800 for your favorite character cookie jar or spending your life savings on the original map of Disneyland, we’ve got your Disney collectible dream list right here.

Enchanted Tiki Room Singing Bird ($153,400)


Disneyland News | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

Opening in 1963, the Enchanted Tiki Room in Disneyland was the first attraction to feature Audio-Animatronic characters. When the personal collection of Van Eaton Galleries (retired Disney Imagineer) was sold, an original Tiki bird from the 1970’s brought $153,400 at auction.










Cheshire Cat Prototype Jar ($799)


Thought Company | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

In July 2003, Disney produced a limited lot of 250 Cheshire Cat cookie jars to be presented by eBay and then auctioned off by Disney Auctions. They designed two versions, and the first prototype was a pearlized version that never made it into final production. Owning this rare version will set you back $799.








Original Disneyland Map and Prospectus ($80,000)


Disney Archives | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

In the late 1940’s, Walt Disney first had the idea for a theme park and spent the next few years trying to obtain funding to build Disneyland. He collaborated with artist Herb Ryman in 1953, to create hand-painted concept park maps and a prospectus to give to potential investors. This piece of highly rare Disneyland memorabilia sold at auction in 2012 for $80,000.

Disneyland Original Prospectus

Zip High-Res TIFF Files




Celebration Mickey ($4,000,000)

Laughing Place | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

“Celebration Mickey – 100 Golden Years of Magic” was designed by Disney and produced by Great Western Mint to commemorate the 100th birthday of Walt Disney. The statue stood at 2 ft and molded out of more th



an 100 lbs of 24-karat gold. It was auctioned off and the proceeds donated to The Walt Disney Company’s compassion program.









Mickey & Minnie Mouse Charlotte Clark Dolls ($151,524)


Hakes Auctions | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

As the first person to ever design a doll based on Mickey Mouse, Charlotte Clark holds a level of prestige that other doll-makers and seamstresses just can’t match. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that her first dolls are a rare and highly desired collectible. Standing at 44” and 48” respectively, these Mickey and Minnie plush dolls from the 1930s look charming and impressive by modern standards.







Pirates of the Caribbean Concept Artwork ($70,800)


Van Eaton Galleries | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

Legendary animator and Imagineer, Marc Davis, produced several paintings and concept art for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, in which several were then used as guidebooks and postcards sold at the park in the mid-1960s. While many of these pieces are locked away in the official Imagineering archives, there is one painting (featured above) that sold at a Van Eaton Galleries auction for $70,800.












Vintage Tomorrowland PeopleMover ($441,500)


Syfy Wire | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority carried nearly 100 million Tomorrowland guests over 30 decades (1960’s to 1990’s) on these retro-cool contraptions, known simply as PeopleMov






Tomorrowland Concept Drawing ($54,460)


Van Eaton Galleries | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

In 1954, Walt Disney hosted a TV series called “Disneyland” as an advert for his theme park that was currently under construction. During the first episode that aired, he showcased a concept drawing of Tomorrowland that was an original illustration by Bruce Bushman. This original artwork from one of Disneyland’s original “lands” when it opened in 1955, sold at a Van Eaton Galleries auction for $54,460.








Snow White Original Poster ($27,995)


Cinemasterpieces | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

If you want affordable old-school Snow White memorabilia, we absolutely do not recommend looking for an original poster for the movie’s theatrical release. That is, of course, unless you consider $27,995 to be “affordable,” you can find one for sale here.














Mickey 75th Anniversary Statues ($737,400)


Business Wire | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

In one of the more unique ways to celebrate a 75th anniversary, 75 celebrities banded together for Mickey’s birthday in 2004 to create 75 unique statues of the mouse. These one-of-a-kind figures were sold at auction with proceeds benefiting charity, but these collectibles remain just as famous to this day. Of all the statues sold during this event, Elton John’s Music Royalty Mickey topped the charts at $62,400. After all the collectibles were sold, a collective $737,400 was raised and subsequently donated. Not a bad way to celebrate



a birthday party!









Original Mickey Mouse Poster ($101,575)


The History Blog | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

Vintage promotional posters are some of the hardest collectibles to find in good condition. Not only are they prone to tearing and other forms of damage, but they’re also commonly produ



ced in limited quantities. It should be no surprise, then, that this vintage Mickey Mouse poster from 1932 wound up selling for $101,575.











Golden Horseshoe Revue Sign ($48,875)


Van Eaton Galleries | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

A Frontierland original when Disneyland opened in 1955, the Golden Horseshoe Saloon entertained guests with a combination of musical numbers, comedy, and vaudeville through the Golden Horseshoe Revue, which was the longest running show at the venue spanning from July 1955 until October 1986. The saloon’s original hand-painted sign for its longest running show sold at the Van Eaton Galleries in November 2015 for $48,875.






Captain EO Poster Artwork ($47,200)


Van Eaton Galleries | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

Captain EO, starring the late Michael Jackson and directed by Francis Ford Coppola, was a science fiction musical film, which made its debut at Disneyland in 1986 and ran through 1996. After Michael Jackson’s death, the attraction returned to the Disney Parks in 2010 as a memorial tribute and was shown for the final time at Epcot on December 6, 2015. The official poster, an H.R. Russell artwork, is the only original Disneyland attraction poster artwork ever sold and raised a staggering $47,200. However, if you ever wanted your own “unor


iginal” version, you can find a replica available on eBay here.











The Band Concert Film Celluloid ($420,000)


Syfy Wire | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

The first color Mickey film, The Band Concert, is easily one of the most expensive celluloid ever sold. It’s history, combined with the fact that’s its the only scene with the entire character cast of the “misbehaving” band on stage makes it a highly desired Disney collectible.






Autographed Art of Walt Disney Book featuring Mickey & Donald Sketch ($300,000)


Syfy Wire | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

Walt Disney rarely drew Mickey and Donald together, and this sketch isn’t just something scratched out in his notebook. It’s a signed original by the man behind the mouse himself and will set you back almost as much as Scrooge McDuck’s fortune.






Frontierland Cigar Store Indian ($44,250)


Van Eaton Galleries | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

A regular photo opportunity for thousands of guests, this cigar store Indian figure kept watch in front of the Frontierland Trading Post. Replaced every 10 years with a new model, this Indian was one of several fiberglass versions made from the original Disney Studio sculpt mold. This figure was retired from the park in the late 1970s has been sold multiple times, the most recent at auction for $44,250. Today, you can find a modern version of the Cigar Store Indian on Main Street in Disneyland.











It’s A Small World Animatronic Doll ($41,300)


Van Eaton Galleries | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

Originally created by Walt Disney for the 1964 New York’s World’s Fair, It’s a Small World, featured doll-like animatronic children from around the world singing a song of unity. Following the fair, the attraction was then moved back to California and opened at Disneyworld in 1966. One of the original robotic dolls, used as part of the ride at Disneyland during the 1960s, sold for $41,300 at auction.











Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #1 ($25,500)


Comic Connect | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

The original first edition issue of Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories was published in 1940, but the series continued all the way to 2011. Featuring the forever recognizable Donald Duck on the cover, the inaugural issue of Comics and Stories sold for $25,500 in 2011.















Jungle Cruise Riverboat Sign ($34,500)


Van Eaton Galleries | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

A classic and favorite main attraction of Adventureland, the Jungle Cruise commissioned  12 river boats in its full fleet, with up to 8 in operation at any time. A rare collectible, the original hand-painted wooden sign in the Disneyland sign shop, sailed with the Zambezi Miss during the 1980s and brought $34,500 when sold at auction in 2011.






Mickey Mouse & Goofy 1956 Comic ($250,000)


Syfy Wire | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

Topping the value of Disney comics at $250,000, the “Mickey and Goofy” 1956 edition and it’s original printing plates continue to be one of the highest valued comic books ever sold at auction. Any comic book collector would love to get their hands on this pristine edition for their collection.






20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Submarine Porthole ($1,495)


Syfy Wire | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

Before Finding Nemo and yellow submarines, Disney World’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” entertained guests and delighted undersea passengers through one of these collectible portholes. This submarine attraction, inspired by Jules Verne, was active from 1971-1994. One of the lower priced items on this list, a few grand and you can own a piece of your childhood.






Main Street U.S.A Bench ($31,625)


Van Eaton Galleries | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

When Disneyland was opened by Walt Disney in 1955, guests entered the park into Main Street U.S.A, inspired by Disney’s own hometown of Marceline, Missouri. An original bench installed on main Street U.S.A in 1955, served guests for 44 years before Disney collector Kevin Doherty acquired it for his collection. After being restored to its original condition, it sold for $31,625 in November 2015.







Black Diamond Classic Edition of Beauty & the Beast ($13,500)


Little Things | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

What did you do with your old VHS tapes? The Black Diamond editions from the animated classics of our youth, such as Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King and Aladdin are worth more than we ever expected. Purchasing a copy of the original Beauty and the Beast Black Diamond Edition can set you back as much as $13,500 today. I bet you regret tossing out all those old VHS tapes now, right?









Pirates of the Caribbean Skeleton ($129,000)


Van Eaton Galleries | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

From the original 1967 Disneyland ride, this (re)animated ghoul brings chills and delight as his bottle of liquor pours right through his ribcage and spills onto the treasure he’s guarding below. This spooky collectible from the last attraction that Walt Disney worked on sold at auction for an incredible $129,000, making it booty that any Pirates fan would love to add to their collection.















Series A-1 Audio Animatronics Frame ($115,000)


Van Eaton Galleries | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

Owning a piece of the original framework that started it all, leading to the bones animating beloved characters in Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones and more is the Series A-1 Audio Animatronics Frame. These frames, which were eventually standardized into production by Imagineers, have sold at auction for upwards of $115,000.










Space Mountain Car ($50,000)


Syfy Wire | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

While we aren’t sure exactly if it will take you into space or not, owning one of the original Space Mountain cars is an option if you have $50,000 laying around to invest in one.







Bedazzled Cinderella Castle by Arribas Brothers ($37,500)


Disney Store | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

Boasting 28,000 handset Swarovski crystals, this blinged-out, sparkle-loaded limited edition of Cinderella’s castle can be purchased online at the Disney Store.
















Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride Devil Prop ($37,375)


Van Eaton Galleries | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride featured frightening little red devils in the final scene that mysteriously disappeared from Disneyland in 1999. They have reappeared at auction and have brought upwards of $37,375 to bring one home to start terrorizing your family.













DISCLAIMER: Disney Adulting is NOT an official Disney merchandise appraiser or dealer. We do not provide services to determine how much your collectibles are worth, nor do we help you find buyers. We recommend seeking out one of the following services listed on this page as a credible resource. Sorry, but emails sent to us requesting merchandise appraisal will be ignored.


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