Disney Adulting Ride Guide: Indiana Jones Adventure

Indiana Jones Adventure

Indiana Jones Adventure “Temple of the Forbidden Eye” opened at Disneyland on March 4, 1995. Disney created this ride with an attention to immersive detail, where the sense of traveling back to the year 1935 as a tourist visiting the Temple of the Forbidden Eye with all the foreboding and suspense that Indiana Jones fans have come to love.

Quick Overview

  • Rating: Thrill Ride
  • FP+ Available: Yes
  • Height Requirement: 46”
  • Single Rider Available: Yes
  • Duration: 3 Minutes, 15 Seconds
  • Disney Investment: $100 Million
  • Top Speed: 14 MPH

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The Queue: Indiana Jones Adventure

Indiana Jones Adventure

This is one of the longest queues at Disneyland with waits up to 2 hours during peak times, however, Imagineers went above and beyond to ensure that Disney guests were entertained along the way with hidden surprises, scenery and storytelling experiences. Along the queue, you’ll find hieroglyphics, which are actually “Maraglyphics” that can be translated into English using the code we’ve provided below.

Indiana Jones Adventure

Hidden along the way are a few surprises that you’ll only experience if you misbehave – yes, we said misbehave! When you see a sign that warns you not to do something (like in the room with the spikes on the ceiling) taking that action will result in something unlikely.

Cool Fact: The 2.5 ton Mercedes-Benz diesel truck that you’ll find at the beginning of the queue, was actually used in the filming of the desert chase scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The pole with the golf ball mounted to the bumper was placed there as an aid to stuntmen during filming.

The Ride: Indiana Jones Adventure

Indiana Jones Adventure

You’ll board and take off in a jungle transport vehicle. While they look much like hummers or Jeeps, they are actually motion-simulators with onboard sound. The vehicle bounces, stutters, stops and starts. You’ll encounter danger around every corner – including snakes (it had to be snakes.) You’ll see Indy, but he won’t be much help. And whatever you do, do not look into the idol’s eyes.


Unique Facts: Indiana Jones Adventure

  • The ride can apparently accommodate up to 2,400 people per hour.
  • When it opened in the ’90s, AT&T sponsored the ride for several years and provided riders with these decoder cards.
  • The ride’s building measures 50,000 square feet.
  • The Imagineers who worked on the ride’s set used techniques to make the walls and surfaces appear aged as though they had been exposed to humidity, moisture, and heat.
  • Inside the ride, there are over 168,000 square feet of hand-carved surfaces.
  • The ride and queue surroundings contain over 2,000 replica human skulls.
  • In the projector room, there’s a hidden Eeyore near the ceiling.
  • During the ride’s first couple years of operation, it was so jerky that 300 visitors reported injuries within a three year period.
  • There are over 160,000 ride experiences thanks to the ride’s operating system, which mixes timing of special effects.

Disney Adulting Pro-Tip for Riding Indiana Jones Adventure

We recommend that you head to Indy early in the day, or try your luck during a parade. Using a Fastpass (or try taking advantage of Maxpass) is a wise choice, but the queue is worth up to a 45-minute wait. We don’t usually recommend that you wait much longer. There’s also the single rider option if you don’t mind splitting your party for a faster queue to ride.

Virtual Ride Experience: Indiana Jones Adventure

Warning: This is a first-version experience of the actual ride. If you have never ridden the attraction, we strongly recommend not watching this video and experiencing the ride and the magic for yourself in person the first time.




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