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The feeling of your feet hitting the pavement, the magical scenery around you, the character-inspired costumes, and the celebration you’ll have once you reach the end. You are a Run Disney athlete and every RunDisney athlete needs a Disney-Inspired Running Playlist to keep the pep in their step – training or racing – get your Disney on!

Run Disney Safety Tips

It’s always important that when listening to music while running, that you observe some simple safety tips to keep yourself aware of what’s around you and protect your hearing from potential damage. Here are a few quick tips before we get started dropping the epic playlist.

  • One Ear Bud – Try running with only one earbud in to keep one ear open to your environment.
  • Lower the Volume – Music should not be too loud and you should still be able to hear ambient noises, cars, other people. Make sure your headphones are not noise canceling so that you can hear any potential dangers around you.

The Science of Music & Running


It’s all about setting the right pace for your run and you can accomplish this with the right selection in music. It’s not that you can’t pull in your favorite Disney songs but it’s important to note that your music can impact the pace you set while running.

When you run while listening to music, you’ll find that you tend to change your pace with each song so that your feet hit the ground along with the beat.  A slower song might hold you back, while a song that’s too fast might make you tire out quickly.

In order to make the perfect Disney-Inspired Running Playlist, we’ve put together a little “how-to” guide on song structure and a sample playlist of songs that will get your pace up and running towards your goal.

STEP #1 | Set Your Pace

Pace is determined by two things: Stride Length and Stride Rate.  Since stride length will vary from person to person, it’s important to find out what your length and rates are before selecting your songs. Here’s how to do that:

  • Run for 15 minutes at a comfortable pace.
  • During that run count your steps for 1 minute.
  • Do this several times to get an average.
  • That average is your Steps Per Minute (SPM).

STEP #2 | Select Songs

In order to hold your pace, you want to match it to songs that align SPM to Beats Per Minute (BPM). There are apps and websites that can help you find BPM to songs, or you can count out beats on your own.

STEP #3 | Create Your Playlist

Once you have determined the BPM you need to hold your pace, you need enough music to cover the length of your run.  You can even get fancy and mix up your BPMs for run/walk intervals or changing your tempo during your run. It’s entirely up to you!

Disney-Inspired Playlists by BPM


  • Under the Sea – The Little Mermaid (100)
  • Splash Mountain Medley – Magic Kingdom (100)
  • Love is an Open Door – Frozen (100)
  • For the First Time in Forever – Frozen (101)
  • The Bare Necessities – Jungle Book (102)
  • Heigh Ho – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (103)
  • Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah – Song of the South (104)
  • Stir It Up – Chicken Little (105)
  • Life is a Highway – Cars (105)
  • Fixer Upper – Frozen (105)
  • Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo – Cinderella (106)
  • You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Toy Story (106)
  • Universe of Energy – Epcot (107)
  • When Will My Life Begin – Tangled (109)


  • On The Open Road – A Goofy Movie (110)
  • Fly – Planes (110)
  • I’ll Make a Man Out Of You – Mulan (114)
  • Muppet theme Dconstructed (115)
  • Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride – Lilo & Stitch (115)

Disney Photo Scavenger Hunt


  • You’ve Got a Friend in Me (Dconstructed) (120)
  • I Won’t Say (I’m in Love) – Hercules (120)
  • Strangers Like Me – Tarzan (120)
  • Good News – James and the Giant Peach (120)
  • Be Prepared – The Lion King (120)
  • One Jump Ahead – Aladdin (122)
  • Dig Down Deeper – Pixie Hollow Games (124)
  • MSEP – Dconstructed (125)
  • Be Our Guest – Beauty and the Beast (125)
  • Fantasmic Finale (125)
  • Seize The Day – Newsies (126)
  • Once Upon A Dream – Dconstructed (126)
  • Hey Pluto – Dconstructed (128)
  • Partysaurus – DConstructed (129)
  • Now Is The Time – Carousel of Progress (129)


  • Mickey Mouse March – Mickey Mouse Club (131)
  • UNKLE Recontsruction – The Incredibles – DConstructed (133)
  • Let it Go – Frozen (135)
  • The Great Divide – Secret of the Wings (137)


  • Into the Open Air – BRave (140)
  • Topsy Turvy – The Hunchback of Notre Dame (141)
  • Roar – Monsters University (Yogi Remix DConstructed) (142)
  • Who I Am – The Pirate Fairy (144)
  • You Might Think I’m Crazy – Cars (145)


  • Gaston – Beauty and the Beast (150)
  • Three Caballeros – Saludos Amigos (150)
  • On Your Marks – Imagination Movers (150)
  • Ready for Action – Doc McStuffins (150)
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – Mary Poppins (152)
  • Step In Time – Mary Poppins (153)

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  • Touch The Sky – Brave (160)
  • Almost There – Princess and the Frog (160)
  • What’s This? – The Nightmare Before Christmas (162)
  • The Wonderful Thing about Tiggers – Winnie The Pooh (165)
  • Zero To Hero – Hercules (165)
  • Nothing Can Stop Me Now – Planes (168)


  • I’m Late – Alice In Wonderland (170)
  • Something That I Want – Tangled (170)
  • Hakuna Matata – The Lion King (170)
  • Circle of Life – The Lion King (Mat Zo Remix DConstructed) (172)


  • Go The Distance – Hercules (180)
  • The Enchanted Tiki Room Song – Magic Kingdom (181)
  • Dig a Little Deeper – Princess and the Frog (186)
  • I Wanna Be Like You – Jungle Book (196)




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  1. Sara on August 14, 2018 at 11:01 am

    This is awesome information. Where can I find the songs to download?

    • Anati Zubia on August 16, 2018 at 5:05 pm

      Hi Sara! I’m so glad that the research was helpful! You have a couple options here, depending on your preference, but I always recommend building a playlist through Apple iTunes or Spotify.

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