Ask Disney Adulting: What is the Saddest Disney Movie?

saddest disney movie

Disney movies are mostly known for happy endings, but there are many Disney films that brought tears to even the toughest out there. We scoured the interest, asked Disney fans, and examined reviews to put together the ultimate list of the saddest scenes to help you watch each one and determine the saddest Disney movie.

Brother Bear

Kenai explaining to Koda what happened to his mother.

saddest disney movie


When Elsa locked herself away in her room and broke Anna’s heart.

saddest disney movie


When a hunter kills Bambi’s mother, leaving the young fawn alone.

saddest disney movie

The Black Cauldron

The sacrifice of Gurgi to save everyone.

saddest disney movie

Disney Ultimate Fun Kit


Pretty much the ENTIRE first 10-minutes of this movie.

saddest disney movie


When Dumbo’s chained up mother reaches her trunk through the bars to comfort him.

saddest disney movie

The Lion King

When Scar murdered Simba’s father Mufasa, and blamed Simba for his death.

saddest disney movie

Beauty and the Beast

When Belle cries over the Beast while he’s dying.

saddest disney movie

Toy Story 3

The toys facing their doom in the incinerator.

saddest disney movie

The Fox and the Hound

The sad look on Tod’s face when Widow Tweed abandons him in the woods.

saddest disney movie

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

When Quasimodo is crowned the King of Fools.

Saddest Disney Movies

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Meet the Robinsons

Lewis’ trip to the orphanage.

Saddest Disney Movies

Finding Nemo

When a barracuda kills Nemo’s Mother and all his siblings.

Saddest Disney Movies

Old Yeller

Travis shoots Old Yeller. (We’ll never get over this one.)

saddest disney movie

The Little Mermaid

When King Triton sacrifices himself to take Ariel’s place.

saddest disney movie


When Maleficent loses her wings.

Saddest Disney Movies

Homeward Bound

When Shadow falls into a hole and begs to be left behind.

saddest disney movie

Toy Story 2

When Jesse is abandoned and left alone.

saddest disney movie

Lady and the Tramp

When poor Trusty is hit by a car and all the dogs gather to mourn.

saddest disney movie




Which Disney movies do you think is the saddest? Comment below and let us know.


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