How the Super Rich Do Disney

How the Super Rich Do Disney

How the Super Rich Do Disney

Disney is synonymous with fantasy and magic. For many Disney vacationers, a trip to the Magic Kingdom is as much a rite of passage as are grumbling about the exorbitant costs of admission, food, merchandise, etc. But for some, the love of Disney goes above and beyond a mere vacation to Disney Parks.

For those who can afford it, you can turn your Disney vacation into a VIP experience that is above and beyond your wildest childhood dreams. If all that still doesn’t satisfy your cravings, there’s another level of privilege that awaits: you can actually live at Disney World.

In this article, we’ll explore how the super rich do Disney – and provide some links so if you are so inclined, you can splurge on a few experiences for yourself.

Club 33

One of the most VIP experiences at Disneyland is Club 33, located above Disneyland’s Café Orleans in New Orleans Square, it rates the most exclusive five-star restaurants on the West Coast. Designed by Walt Disney himself to be an elegant escape from the bustle and noise of the park, it’s been patronized by presidents, kings, luminaries, and celebrities from around the world. While the investment to become a Club 33 member isn’t posted publicly, initiation fees are rumored to run $30,000-40,000 with annual dues around $10,000-20,000 per person. Hold on before you get your checkbook ready, there’s a waiting list that has ranged from 500 to 800 people over the years.


How the Super Rich Do Disney


Why so exclusive? Even the top celebrity cannot waltz up to the door and gain access unannounced. Anyone who desires access to the club must either have a membership themselves or have an approved reservation made in advance by a member. Walt did this intentionally as he desired an exclusive place in the park where corporate sponsors and celebrities could dine in VIP style and he could entertain guests worthy of the name Disney. Sadly, Walt passed away before he ever saw Club 33 open.

The ambiance is off the charts and include amazing paintings, photos and memorabilia dotted throughout the club, including Lillian Disney‘s harpsichord (played by both Paul McCartney and Elton John), hand-painted original artwork from Disney movies like Fantasia, a vintage telephone booth from The Happiest Millionaire starring Fred MacMurray, and a table from Mary Poppins. If you’re a Disney geek, your head will explode.

Club 33 is hands down the most exclusive Disney VIP experience that will cost you the big bucks to experience.

Stay at the Four Seasons Disney

Disney has it’s very own Four Seasons Hotel inside Golden Oak Grounds. This AA Black Diamond Certified Resort is the only one of its kind in central Florida and boasts its own golf course, day spa, private pools and luxurious suites.


How the Super Rich Do Disney

Four Seasons Hotel | (Edits by Disney Adulting)

Sleep in Cinderella’s Castle

While Disney doesn’t actually take bookings for its suite inside Cinderella’s Castle at any price, there apparently is a price tag as Tom Cruise was able to snag a one-night stay for his daughter, Suri. Typically, the suite is only offered through sweepstakes run by Disney.


Disney Tours

Private VIP Tours: Disney VIP Tour Services will help plan your dream Disney experience with door-to-door service that includes accommodations, attractions, shows, rides, dining and a personal Disney Cast Member tour guide. Pricing ranges between $425 and $600 per hour with a minimum of 7 continuous hours booked for up to 10 guests. Theme park admission not included.

The Ultimate Day of Thrills VIP Tour: A triple threat of speed, fantasy and fun, if you can shell out the investment Disney VIP Tour Services will tour you through the top Disney theme park attractions, refuel over lunch and continue the excitement towards the end of the day. Pricing is $299 per person, offered only specific days and lasts for 7 hours. Theme park admission not included.

Ultimate Disney Classics VIP Tour: Designed for the Disney history and classic attractions affectionado, Disney VIP Tour Services will plan an itinerary for you to enjoy 10 classic attractions at Magic Kingdom Park. Pricing is $199 per person, offered only specific days and lasts for 7 hours. Theme park admission not included.

Ultimate Nights of Adventure VIP Tour: A evening guided tour by Disney VIP Tour Services, you’ll experience attractions and shows themed to the magic of nature at night. Pricing is $249 per person, offered only specific days and lasts for4 hours. Theme park admission not included.


How the Super Rich Do Disney

Disney Vacation Club

Becoming a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member gives access to a unique vacation ownership program that goes beyond the traditional timeshare. You may purchase up to 4,000 Vacation Points at a single Disney Vacation Club Resort. The purchase price is currently $171 per Vacation Point at the following Resorts: Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows. Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas, Ko Olina, Hawai’i. That after the initial cost of $17,600 not including the closing costs and finance costs. Learn more about DVC Memberships by visiting the Disney Vacation Club website.


Travel Agents & Private Tour Guides

VIP Travel Agents: There are many travel agents that specialize in VIP Disney experiences who market themselves as a “concierge” that will personalize and plan the perfect Disney trip for you from tickets, reservations, itinerary, and more.

Private Tour Guide: The super-rich can afford to bring their own personal tour guide, such as Michael’s VIPS, to Disney with a guide service that can start at $150 per hour and rise as the requests or party members go up. It’s like having your own personal assistant, Disney Parks style.

Chef’s Table at Victoria and Albert’s

The Chef’s Table experience is one of the classiest dining options in the park. If you’ve ever wondered how the kitchen prepares the restaurant’s wonderful cuisine, this one’s for you. It includes a tailored 10-course degustation menu at an exclusive table located in the kitchen. Guests are able to interact with the chef and his/her team, and sample food during the 3-hour dining experience that will set you back $250 per person with wine pairings from $105.00 per person. That’s if you can even snag the ever-exclusive reservation for this highly-sought-after experience.


Live at Golden Oak at Walt Disney World Resort

For the super-rich who have millions to invest in vacation properties, Disney has created Golden Oak at Walt Disney World Resort. For anywhere between $1.8 and $7 million, you can buy your own home pretty much inside the park. Oh, and don’t forget the thousands more you’ll pay in annual fees to maintain the luxurious amenities that come with the community, such as an on-site masseuse and a concierge service that will help you find a sitter, order services or even plan parties.

Get Married or Renew Vows at Disney

Disney will handle every aspect of your wedding, from the nuptials through the honeymoon. You can get married at any Disney property (even the cruise ships), including special (and pricey) locations through the theme parks. These lavish events start at $12,000 and can run north of $126,000 for the whole shebang.



If money was no object, what would you do with one day at Disney?

Leave a comment below and let us know.


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