Top 6 Must-Have Walt Disney World iPhone Apps


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Download these Walt Disney World iPhone Apps for an incredible park experience.

Where are you in the planning and to-do list process in preparing for your trip to Walt Disney World? You’ve gotten your tickets, packed your bags, made dining reservations — but have you gotten your iPhone ready? Having the right Walt Disney World iPhone apps on your devices can make a world of ease when it comes to navigating the park, finding characters, getting accurate wait times or even making reservations.

Over the years, I’ve tried lots of different iPhone apps while in Walt Disney World. Here are my top 6 favorites that are always on my phone and ready for my next trip to the happiest place on earth.

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My Disney Experience “Walt Disney World Resort Official App” (Free)

If you download only one app for Walt Disney World, this is the one! Because this is the official app for Walt Disney World, it blows away the competition with access to so much more than any other app. You can purchase tickets, check wait times for your favorite attractions in the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and the Animal Kingdom, view restaurant menus, browse maps, locate characters and check show times. The biggest highlight of the app is that you can access Disney MaxPass, which allows reservation and redemption of FastPass right from your iPhone right through the app. It is the must-have Walt Disney World iPhone Apps for any adventure.



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Capturing Magic – Walt Disney World Version (Free)

This app is the ultimate tool for organizing, documenting and sharing the magic of your Walt Disney World vacation. Create a wishlist of photo opportunities, and when you are near the location, the app will trigger a reminder. Any photos taken in the app will have the location (park name, land name), date, names of people included in the pictures and any notes. That way you can easily export or share your collection of images when you get home.



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Lots to Do in Line Walt Disney World Edition ($6.99)

While this app will set you back $6.99 for Walt Disney World version, it will keep you entertained during those long wait times where FastPass is not an option. (Yes, I’m looking at you Peter Pan’s Flight.) It includes over 1,000 questions and “treasure hunts” to find while you’re in line and will help you pass the time with Disney flair. It’s one of the paid Walt Disney World iPhone Apps that’s worth spending the money on.



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Hidden Mickeys ($7.99)

If you are anything like me, you are obsessed with locating every single Hidden Mickey. This app for only $7.99, is perfect for anyone who wants to find them all and learn some fun Disney history and stories along the way. It’s a guided tour with a beginner guide that shows you where to look for each Hidden Mickey and advanced setting that only hints the location and leaves you to discover the Hidden Mickey for yourself. This one is enjoyable in pairs or small groups.



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Visit Orlando Destination App (Free)

Not that anyone in their right mind would even think of leaving Disney property, but if you find yourself needing a little theme park solace, this app is awesome because it can help you find your way around Orlando and guide you towards different restaurants and activities around the area.



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Shop Disney Parks (Free)

Ever find that perfect t-shirt, and they don’t have your size? Instead of running around to every store trying to get your hands on one, why not scan the barcode, purchase and find it waiting conveniently for you when you get home – with the Shop Disney Parks app you can do exactly that. We love official Walt Disney World iPhone Apps like this one because you can now purchase exclusive Disney merchandise (that you can’t get outside the parks) straight from your phone. The app is free, which is a huge perk because we all know the merchandise isn’t.



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