What is a good Walt Disney World packing checklist?

Walt Disney World packing checklist

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What is a good Walt Disney World packing checklist?

TL;DR Version: The basics are supportive and broken-in shoes, clothing that is breathable and comfortable, swimwear, basic toiletries and your electronic devices with charging accessories.

There are two kinds of people in the world – those who make a packing list and start putting together their bag well before they need to leave, and those who wait until the night before tossing in whatever is clean. No matter which person you are, there are some vital items to take to Walt Disney World that will ensure you have the best trip possible. This article and handy infographic will give you the top 6 must-pack items for your Walt Disney World packing checklist.

#1 Walt Disney World Packing Checklist “Must-Take” – Footwear

Walt Disney World packing checklist

Prepare for lots of walking and pack comfortable broken-in shoes, even multiple pairs to avoid foot fatigue. Flips flops are great for the pool, but not long days of walking. If you are fine dining, don’t forget shoes for the dress code.

PRO-TIP: Nothing is worse than wet socks and shoes for discomfort and blisters. If you are planning to ride the water rides, plan ahead by wearing a hiking sandal that has the support you need to walk the parks or put lightweight flipflops in your park bag so that you can change. Carrying a clean, dry pair of socks to change into mid-day and a travel baby powder to sprinkle on your feet is also really helpful.

#2 Walt Disney World Packing Checklist “Must-Take” – Clothing

Dress for humidity, comfort and long days of walking. Comfortable shorts/pants and short-sleeved shirts are a good bet. Pack extra clothing so you have a dry change. Don’t forget swimwear for the pool and a dress code appropriate change for dining.

PRO-TIP: Humidity sucks, let’s be real. However, there are some humidity-busting things you can do, beyond just selecting breathable, quick-dry clothing for a day in the parks. Here are a couple bonus tips for those not used to the humid heat:

  1. Hydrate, even though it’s moist (yes, we hate that word too) outside your body will be sweating more than you realize. Be certain to keep yourself well hydrated to cool off, limit excessive sweating and stay healthy.
  2. Powder sprinkled in your unmentionables and socks will help keep areas that rub against your body dry. This will help avoid discomfort, blisters and chaffing.
  3. Take an afternoon break. There’s nothing more refreshing after a long day in the heat and sunshine than showering off and a fresh set of clothing before the evening. Take advantage of this and plan ahead (especially easy if you are staying at one of Walt Disney World’s monorail resorts) because you won’t regret how refreshed you’ll feel going into the evening.

#3 Walt Disney World Packing Checklist “Must-Take” – Electronics

Walt Disney World packing checklist

The official Walt Disney World app is your key to the kingdom, but you’ll need to prepare yourself with extra charging cables and battery packs. A handheld gaming system, like a 3DS, is excellent for blowing time in long ride queues as well.

PRO-TIP: A dead battery is such a buzzkill, right? Make sure you have any unnecessary applications closed, turn your ringer off, don’t use the flash, avoid using video unless necessary, turn on battery save mode – so many tips to saving your battery life. When the inevitable hits from a long day in the park, the best thing to have on hand is a super powerful, fully-charged battery backup charger. This isn’t optional if you are a heavy phone or using one of the many applications designed for Walt Disney World. There are limited places to charge your phone or find a power outlet around Disney, so don’t fall victim to a dead battery. Additionally, you might want to keep a plastic sandwich bag handy for storing the battery and your phone during water rides.

#4 Walt Disney World Packing Checklist “Must-Take” – Sun Proofing

Walt Disney World packing checklist

Don’t get sunburned – it will only ruin your vacation. Pack all things sun-proofing such as sunscreen, sunglasses, a nice hat. Make sure you reapply sunscreen throughout the day because the humidity and sweat will cause it to wear off during the day.

PRO-TIP: We’ve either seen them or been them – that guy walking around the park bright as a lobster that you can just feel the pain, that girl half-zombified by her peeling sunburn, or the person you didn’t see who stuck in their room sick from too much heat and too little water. Let’s all agree to look out for ourselves and any party members by helping them stay in check with sunscreen, hats, glasses – and even more importantlygetting out of the sun/heat from time-to-time and drinking plenty of water. You are on vacation to enjoy it, not to torture yourself. Make sure you don’t ruin your own fun by gambling with the sun.

#5 Walt Disney World Packing Checklist “Must-Take” – Organization

Walt Disney World packing checklist

If you are planning for a full day in the park, it’s helpful to pack a small, light (emphasis on light) park bag with the essentials – hand sanitizer, sunscreen, feminine products, emergency cash, band-aids. Just don’t over pack, heavy bags are no fun!

PRO-TIP: Take advantage of Disney’s Guest Services for merchandise shipping and pickup. There’s no reason you have to pack around items in an increasingly heavier backpack. For reals, it’s not good for your back and it’s just not fun. Disney offers multiple options for merchandise:

  1. Souvenir Pick-Up: Theme park merchandise purchased during the day can be delivered to a designated location near the front entrance for convenient pick-up as you exit the park. To utilize this service, simply let the Cast Member know during the time of purchase.
  2. Resort Hotel Delivery: If you’re staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, you can arrange to have park souvenirs delivered to your hotel instead of carrying them around with you all day. Simply tell the Cast Member during the time of purchase and arrangements will be made quickly and easily.
  3. Home Delivery: Theme park purchases can also be shipped to your home via UPS or FedEx for an additional fee.

#6 Walt Disney World Packing Checklist “Must-Take” – Healthcare

Walt Disney World packing checklist

While most of the resorts will have small healthcare and medical items, it’s always better to have them on hand – especially products for blisters and chaffing. Pack extras of your vital medications, contacts, supplements just in case you need them.

PRO-TIP: I have a few things that I always bring to the parks with me that always make it into my day bag that has saved my trip multiple times!

  1. Baby Powder: Sprinkle all the things (unmentionables, socks, etc) to stay dry and fresh.
  2. Glide or Runner’s Stick: It doesn’t matter how you are built or how used you are to humidity, chaffing after a long day in the park can happen and it will ruin your trip. I always keep a Glide stick handy just in case a little rub is flaring up.
  3. Blister Bandaids: Seriously, these little beauties are the gift from the Gods! Feel a blister starting, pop one of these waterproof, cushioned bandages over it and carry on.
  4. Small Spray Bottle with Essential Oil: What’s that smell? Oh, it’s not you if you have this little secret handy. I always keep a bottle of my favorite essential oil diluted with water to spray on during the day to keep sweat smell away and mask any bathroom smells you will encounter. The mist is also nice and refreshing!

Walt Disney World Packing Checklist [Infographic]

Walt Disney World packing checklist




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