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What about the kids you ask?  You see, it's not about whether or not we like, or want, or have children. It's that Disney Adulting is for the grown ups out there that believe Walt Disney was right when he said, "Adults are only kids grown up, anyway." So no matter why you love Disney - nostalgia, travel destinations, characters, romance, adventure, unfulfilled childhood fantasies - there's a community out there that is just like youWelcome home! #DisneyAdulting

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About Anati

Welcome to Disney Adulting! My name is Anati (Anna-Tye) Zubia (Zoo-Bee-Ah). I'm the founder of Disney Adulting and if it wasn't obvious enough alreadyI love all things, Disney. I live in Phoenix, Arizona with my equally Disney-obsessed husband Eli and our two spoiled cats, Cleo and Tony. When I'm not exploring the world of Disney, you can find me playing games (board, PC, console), going on random adventures with my friends, listening to audio books, singing loudly off-tune in the car, cooking up oddly delicious food for my specialized diet (no dairy, no carbs, no sugar, no gluten) or participating in another napping championship match against myself. --- Disney magic has been a huge part of my life both personally and professionally and it brings me immense joy to share that love with others. I'm glad your here, and I hope you'll share your stories with me as well.






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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the inspiration behind Disney Adulting?

There are only two kinds of people in the world: 1) Disney people (we all know who we are), and 2) Non-Disney people (identified by the common phrase of, "Really, you are going to Disney again?")

However, even in the "Disney people" realm, there's this ugly misconception that you cannot enjoy Disney sans children. There are these unspoken rules that you can't watch Disney movies, know every word to every song, wear graphic tees with your favorite characters or visit the parks as an adult without having your maturity put in question.

If you are reading this nodding your head and thinking, "yeah, who made up those stupid rules anyway" then this place is for you. That's the inspiration behind Disney Adulting. We are here to prove that Disney is for everyone - grown ups too!


Can I send you an email?

Of course! I love hearing from other Disney fans and Disney Adulting readers. Please keep in mind that I might not be able to respond to each and every email, but I do read every single one. If you have a great story to tell, tips to share, suggestions for a new topic, burning question you've always wanted to be answered - you can email me at info@disneyadulting.com.


Is Disney Adulting your full-time job?

Unfortunately no, but who wouldn't want to blog, travel and shop Disney all day, right? During the day I'm living my passion as the head of a marketing department for a top-ranked software company in Scottsdale, Arizona.


What advice would you give to someone going to Disney for the first time?

First off, congratulations on planning your first Disney vacation! My top three tips for the Disney first-timer are simple:

Take Your Time: It's hard not to let the excitement and fear of not getting to experience everything set you into a frenzy. Trust me, you'll only wear yourself out. Instead, take your time strolling through the parks and plan an extra day to catch the things you missed, go back and enjoy your favorite experiences one last time before heading home, shopping for those must-have items, or spend the day relaxing by the pool at one of the resorts. You won't regret it.

Know What to Plan and What Not to Plan: There are some key things that you must plan ahead for such as dining reservations or special ticket events, so be certain that you plan ahead for your must-have experiences. Just be careful not to over-plan your trip, because the natural spontaneity of the Disney experience is all part of living in the magic. Find the right balance between the two.

Ditch the Viewfinder: I know it's tempting to want to capture every single moment on video or in a photo, but there's nothing better than experiencing Disney magic for the first time naturally. Disney spares no imagination in everything they do and you'll miss the tiny details if you are always looking through a viewfinder or your phone. Instead, opt for Disney's PhotoPass service so that you can capture amazing photos of you (and your party) without the distraction of managing a camera the entire trip. Or if photography is really your big thing, do what I do and plan on a day just for photos.


How many times have you been to Disney?

Oh wow, I get asked this one a lot. I actually don't know how many times I've been to the Disney Parks but its more than I have fingers and toes for sure. And that number keeps going up every year since Eli and I plan a Disney trip at minimum twice a year.


Can I guest post on your blog?

Please take a look at accepted topics and post guidelines. Feel free to email me at info@disneyadulting.com with any questions or to send in a submission for review.


Do you want to join my affiliate program?

I'm very particular on what affiliate programs or sponsors I'll work with since I won't endorse or promote anything that I wouldn't personally without compensation. If you think your affiliate program is a good fit, please feel free to contact me via email at info@disneyadulting.com.


What camera do you use?

I use several different cameras for different purposes. Honestly, you can find me shooting with whatever I can get my hands on in a pure moment of creative spontaneity and carry a Rose Gold iPhone like a champ. --- My standard companions are a couple of knock-around Canon Kisses that refuse to die and are great to take where I'm not worried about damage. My primary camera is the Canon EOS 7D coupled with any of the following Canon lenses for situational use: EF 50mm f/1.4 USMEF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USMEF 70-200mm f/2.9L IS II USMEF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USMEF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM, and my personal favorite, EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM. I shoot in RAW and post-process using Adobe Creative Cloud.


Who takes all your photos?

As a former professional photographer, I prefer to take the majority of my own photos. However, my husband Eli is also highly involved in the photography side of the blog. I'm very much a strong supporter of Creative Commons licensing and love to share and credit other amateur and professional artists within Disney Adulting. (If you see something posted from another photographer that you like, I highly encourage you to visit the links I've provided and follow their feed.) If you have an image you think would make a beautiful addition to Disney Adulting, and you are willing to license it as CC BY-NC-SA 2.0, shoot me over an email info@disneyadulting.com.