10 Disney Couples That Will Give You #RelationshipGoals

Disney Couples

It’s true that Disney creates some of the most beautiful love stories that have ever been told. While some Disney couples are star-crossed and meant-to-be, there are also some that are pulled together by the most unusual of circumstances. No matter the origin, there’s nothing more magical than the Disney couples that against all odds, show us that true love is real and that happiness is around the corner when we least expect it. Here are 10 Disney couples that will give you serious relationship goals…

Mickey and Minnie

Disney Couples
This the ultimate #relationshipgoals MVP Disney couple. Together since Minnie’s first appearance in a 1929 short called “Plane Crazy,” this dream Disney couple has spent the last 89 years together. While never married onscreen, in a 1933 interview with Walt Disney, he admitted that “in private life, Mickey is married to Minnie.” A love that lasts the test of time and one of the most recognizable couples in the world, romance would cease to exist without the love between Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Lady and The Tramp

Disney Couples

Unlike most of the early Disney couples, Lady and The Tramp started without instant starry eyes and actually was focused around telling the story of their romance. Lady and The Tramp both come from differing backgrounds and naturally, opposites attract. It’s through their adventures, misunderstandings, challenges that a sweet, little romance begins (spaghetti, anyone?) as they influence positive changes within one another.

WallŸE and Eve

Disney Couples

An unexpected romance by Pixar, the story of WALLŸE and EVE is one of wonder and hope with equally geeky comedic value. The love unfolds as WALLŸE, the robot of yesterday, charms the sleek and top-of-the-line EVE. Resulting in counter-rescues, traveling beyond borders to be with each other and an onscreen kiss with so much sparkle that it, you can’t help but swoon over the #relationshipgoals this adorable robotic couple will make you want for your own romance.

Hercules and Meg

Disney Couples

While the story of this romance doesn’t actually begin with the two lovers on the same side, it shows that love overcomes all. Burnt by love once before and losing her soul over it, Meg ignores her vulnerability and loved again leading her to put her own life on the line in order to protect Hercules. In kind, Hercules spent the entire storyline working to be with his family again, only to give it up to spend the rest of his life as a mortal with the woman he loves. Hercules and Meg are the couple who would do anything for one another, no matter the risk, because “people do crazy things when they are in love.”

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Robin Hood and Maid Marian

Disney Couples

There’s nothing more romantic than the heroic Robin Hood and his endless love for his childhood sweetheart Maid Marian. Even though they hadn’t seen each other in years, Robin risks his freedom and life to enter an archery contest to win a kiss from his beloved. Going so far as to propose to her in the middle of a fight, there’s nothing this outlaw and his sweetheart won’t do to prove to the world that love conquers all.

Tiana and Naveen

Disney Couples

Proof that “there’s magic in the air tonight and anything can happen,” the love story of Tiana and Naveen shows just how many trials and tribulations two people can undergo before it inevitably brings them together. The selflessness of their love is shown when Naveen helps Tiana realize her dreams above his own struggles and in turn, Tiana put her entire future at risk to save Naveen. One of the most beautiful Disney’s weddings ever animated is the frog wedding when Tiana and Naveen kiss and return to their human form. #swoon

Simba and Nala

Disney Couples

Betrothed at birth, when Zazu reminds the two childhood best friends that they will one day be married, they both react in disgust. Little did they both know that they would need each other more than ever, as Simba must return order to Pride Rock and Nala being the only one who can return the confidence back to her young king’s heart. Not only did they get one of the most romantic songs in Disney history, but Simba and Nala teach us that being each other’s hero is what love is really all about.

Carl and Ellie

Disney Couples

Love, romance, and adventure is the theme for the love story of Carl and Ellie. The tale of childhood friends turned sweethearts, they do anything and everything for each other. Carl and Ellie teach us that the simple things, making memories and counting every second together is what romance is all about. Not a dry eye in the theatre, we know that no matter together or apart, their love is one of the strongest in Disney history.

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Belle and Beast

Disney Couples

Sometimes, all you need is love to realize that there’s beauty inside yourself. Belle and Beast started from a place a rough as Beast’s personality. However, through patience and grace, Belle is able to see through the coarse exterior of Beast and teach him to realize and express his warm and caring heart inside. Beast risks everything to keep Belle happy and safe, even laying his life down on the line. When faced with losing him, Belle tells him how much she loves him and breaks the spell. It’s one of the most magically romantic stories ever told.

Princess Jasmine and Aladdin

Disney Couples

This Disney couple has one of the most romantic scenes and lines in Disney history, with “do you trust me?” and the incredible magic carpet ride that took them across the world and into love with each other. Princess Jasmine and Aladdin are both struggling with who they are and trying to be someone they are not, this dual identity crisis leads them to help each other realize that who they are is enough and that they love each other for who they are – diamonds in the rough.





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  1. Becky @ Disney in your Day on February 15, 2018 at 10:50 am

    I love TIana and Naveen together! My husband and I always identify with Rapunzel and Flynn, lol.

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