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1 – The Numbers Behind ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ the Second-Biggest U.S. Debut

April 28, 2018 • Walt Disney Co.’s “Avengers: Infinity War” kicked off the summer movie season with the second-biggest domestic debut in history. “Infinity War” collected an estimated $106 million in U.S. theaters, the studio said in an email Saturday. That compares with the “Star Wars” films “The Force Awakens,” which drew $119 million in December 2015, and “The Last Jedi,” which took in $104 million last December. Disney updated its opening-weekend forecast to $240 million, from a range of $225 million to $240 million, compared with independent forecasts of around $230 million. That would top the $220 million collected by “The Last Jedi” and put it within range of the record $248 million raked in by “The Force Awakens.” Rivals avoided the weekend, meaning the Marvel superhero mash-up is facing little competition from other new releases. Read More


Disney News

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2 – Disney Toy Story Airplane Takes Off In China

April 28, 2018 • On April 28th, a ‘Disney Toy Story’ aircraft launched in Shanghai, as a joined venture between China Eastern Airlines and the Shanghai Disney Resort. The new airplane features a large, flying Buzz Lightyear painted on one side of the exterior, and Woody on the other. But there is much more to this unique, Toy Story experience. Read More


Disney News

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3 – This Soft Robotic Arm is Straight Out of Big Hero 6 (It’s Even From Disney)

April 28, 2018 • The charming robot at the heart of Disney’s Big Hero 6, Baymax, isn’t exactly realistic, but its puffy bod is an (admittedly aspirational) example of the growing field of soft robotics. And now Disney itself has produced a soft robot arm that seems like it could be a prototype from the movie. Created by Disney Research roboticists, the arm seems clearly inspired by Baymax, from the overstuffed style and delicate sausage fingers to the internal projector that can show status or information to nearby people. Read More


Disney News

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4 – Disney Releases New Rainbow Mickey Mouse Ears Ahead of Gay Pride Month — How to Buy Them

April 26, 2018 • Fans of Mickey Mouse can now channel the beloved character and show off their pride at the same time, thanks to new ears reportedly available for purchase at both Walt Disney World in Florida, and Disneyland in California. The ears — which are called Mickey Mouse Rainbow Love, a Disney spokeswoman told Hornet — feature a red hat with the magical mouse’s hands making a rainbow heart on the front. The actual ears also feature stripes of color. The new merchandise comes just ahead of Gay Pride Month, which happens annually in June. Read More


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5 – Disney Just Announced A New ‘Star Wars’ Animated Series

April 26, 2018 • Fresh off the presses, Disney Channel has just announced their next Star Wars animated series. Production has begun on the anime-inspired Star Wars: Resistance, which is Disney’s follow-up to the just-completed (after a robust four-season run) Star Wars: Rebels. While that Disney XD toon centered upon a band or scrappy rebels who eventually became a part of the Rebellion just before the events of A New Hope, this time around it’ll be… well, essentially the same idea. Read More


Disney News

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